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My name is Hærleif Langås, I live in Trondheim Norway. W
hen I'm not with my kids or on my dayjob I spend my time enjoying the quiet of nature, wildcamping, working on photography, drinking coffee, making music and such.  

You can reach me via email.
Herleifl@yahoo.no or
Northaunt@yahoo.no for music related questions.

I'm doing black and white photography, the reason for not using colors ? when you show a great color-picture of a pretty woman to someone they go : "what a pretty woman!" but if you show them an equally great black&white picture of a pretty woman they go "Who is she?" - I want to say something with my photos, not just show you something.

If you are interested in prints of my pictures for your wall, or need one for a book or album cover, get in touch via email.

I have for many years made ambient music, most well known is my project 'Northaunt', in later years another project named 'The human voice' has been active. Northaunt being where dark ambient and field recordings meet inspiration from existensial questions and nature, 'the Human voice' is a more personal beast; about life, death, dreams and hopes lost and found. I have released several albums and with Northaunt I've played live many times from Moscow to New York.
You can find Northaunt and The Human voice on Spotify, Itunes, facebook and so on and so forth.

email: Northaunt@yahoo.no